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Tuesday, 27-May-2008 14:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.:Happy 28th Bday..

It's today!! 27 May 2008... my age reach 28 years.. how time fly so fast.. as if I have to run as fast as I can to be within it.. otherwise, I will be left behind.. huuhu...

On this 28 years of life.. I hope to be..

more devoted servant to Allah..
loyal, romantic n idealistic wife..
dutiful dotter..
caring n loving mama..
dependable sister..
fun n pleasurable friend

this me.. when I was 2 years old..

p.s: abang.. tahun ni bagi present apa ek??

Tuesday, 20-May-2008 08:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::tengok tv.. donut.. n menjawab tag!!

zahirul tengok tv
donut suria
amboi ralitnye tengok tv
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We didn't go anywhere last weekend.. just stay at home & relax.. further more dear hubby was not at home on Saturday.. his company have some sort of 'ceramah keselamatan pekerja' (apa daaa.. buat la hari keje... ) so, me & zahirul just stay @ home sweet home..

Zahirul now was so active.. even though, sometimes he is not feeling well.. a few series of recurrent of fever, flu and cough.. (will story later.. ). He now, manage to play on his own.. He will taking out all his toys..but be ready.. the house will be so mess!! talking to us n to himself.. (bahasa zahirul..) like... ateehh.. abah.. bababa.. yeye... aiyayaya!! quiet frustrated bcoz he couldn't say mama yet.. 'baby.. when will u calling me mama?? huuu.. I can't wait!!!" yeah.. yeah... I know the time hasn't come yet.. He also able to standing up stedily.. & recently he like to watch tv commercial break especially iklan TV3.. others tv programes?? he will bolayan..

On saturday, I've made donut for minum petang.. it was my 1st attempt after bought the donut cutter.. so, thank to mamafami for the recepi.. it delicous & yummy.. Zahirul also like it.. he ate 3 plane donut (meaning.. without sugar or choc coated..)

lastly, here the answer for the tag.. thanx God I manage to do it.. hope all of u & especially for wilda aka bibu (the person who tag me!!) will know me much better.. isn't it?? before that, here the rule n regulation of the game..

The rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

So guys..mind if I extend this share with the following :

http://hotchickmama.fotopages.com/ - watie@big mama bukhari
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http://elyies.fotopages.com/ - mama Aqilah
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http://canonshooter.fotopages.com/ - FarEast

Hah giliran kalian plak wat assignment nih….hah buat jgn buat

ermmm.. who I'm gonna tag?? I think I'm in good mood today.. so, I'm not tagging anybody!! ( huh!! selamat la korang ek??)

Wednesday, 14-May-2008 21:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.::sleeping beauty:.

sleeping beauty?
I don't know why... but I do really love to watch u sleeping since the day 1..

Tuesday, 13-May-2008 02:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mothers Day..

My Lovely Mak..
My Dear Che..
hepi mothers day from zahirul..
okie dokie... akhirnya dapat gak curik masa skit upload gambo2 ni.. hehe..

This year was so meaningful to me.. as this is the 1st ever time I celebrate Mothers Day.. Thanks to dear hubby.. n hugh syukur to Allah for giving me the opportunity to being a mom.. such a wonderful experience..
And, not forgotten.. wanna wish both my dear Mak and my MIL which i called her Che.. Happy mothers day!!! thanks for being my mom.. A great MOM.. both of u..

And also all mummy out there (mama aqiel.. MaDiHa.. iza mama Haikal.. bibu Adah & Nuha.. ekin mummy Iqbal.. Farah mama Aqmar & Tasha.. Ezza.. Fiza ibu Nadia & Wawa.. Lieya mama mia & mija.. Kak nur Mama of 3A.. Bid mak Adham.. Apis mama nina.. mamaFaMi.. mama Adee.. kak kamalina mama Haziq, Rafiq n Taufiq..Mella bunda Naddim.. Fara mama Adam n Daniaa.. Anim ibu Aiman n Ariff.. Jan ibu Raaiq.. Kak Rosnita.. errmmmm sape lagik ek?? sume mama.. mummy.. ibu.. mak..

Monday, 5-May-2008 00:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Journey to South : Part III

pagi itu.. ada sinar yg menerangi..
ngan papa.. jap lg nak move balik ni..
main kejar2 versi merangkak..
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Part III: Episod.. dah abis daa..

aiiiyaaa... minggu nih punye la busy.. tak sempat nak update.. ni pun amik masa skit n edit cincai2 jek.. malas betul!!! nak abiskan n3 balik kampung ni..bila nak abis daa.. huhu.. last n3 ni .. thanks god.. dah abis pun..

pagi2 dah bersiap nak balik umah.. tolong mak wat bekfast.. pastu kemas2 n mandikan zahirul.. bila zahirul dah mandi.. susu.. dia tido la pulak.. so, kena la tunggu dia bangun dulu baru nak move balik..

masa on d way balik.. zahirul memula tu baik jek dok kat car seat tuh.. lepas sejam, dia saja jek buat perangai nangis kuat2.. suh amik n kuarkan dia dari car seat tuh!! geram betul!! terpaksa la aku dok kat belakang sama.. sbb dia tak boleh dok kat depan.. abis sume benda nak usik.. radio.. botol air.. seat belt.. n termasuk la stereng kereta tu..

dah sampai kat area umah singgah dulu kat McD utk lunch sbb dah penat so.. Malas nak masak..
bila kuar dr kereta je, punye la tersengih2 zahirul.. agaknya dia rasa lega dapat kuar dr kereta yg dah berejam dok dlm tuh kat McD, sibuk nak capai food kitorg.. apalagik.. aku pun bagi la fries kat zahirul.. punye la suka.. sampai hulur tangan nak lagik tuh.. sedap yee??? tp tak boleh selalu tau..

orait... dah abis edisi balik kampung..

P.S: I'm gonna be so busy finishing my research.. n writing up thesis..waaa, so.. tense!!! n i'm going to be back to work again for another 2 months time.. huhu.. biziii... wizzzzyyyy..

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